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The demand for fast reaction speeds and excellent hand-eye coordination in action games is sure to give any user a thrilling adrenalin rush. Although such games do not need complex mental strategy, the fast-paced motion is both challenging and very exciting.

Which Games Are Actions Games?

The most obvious action games include:

1. Fighting games

2. Shooter games

3. Platform games

There are several real-time strategy games that also fit into this category.

Although the main focus of an action game is shooting, fighting, jumping and running, other challenges may also be included — just to spice things up a bit. These include races, collecting objects, puzzles or exploration challenges. Such added challenges make the game more interesting and much less predicable — you probably can play the game over and over again without getting bored.

What Can My Avatar Do?

In action games, the user is represented by a graphical image called an avatar. You can maneuver and navigate your avatar to do many things (shooting, running, collecting objects or fighting). Your avatar will have a range of abilities for launching attacks or defensive maneuvers.

Look out for a power-up in the action game. This useful addition can give your avatar's ability either permanent or temporary improvement. This means that your avatar will move at faster speeds, launch more powerful and devastating attacks or even develop a temporary shield from the enemy's attacks. In some cases, you might even get to select your preferred power-up using your upgrade points.

General Rules Of Play

Basically, you advance through action games by successfully completing a series of increasingly challenging levels. That sounds simple, right? Wrong. You don't simply walk through a level; instead, you have to battle enemies using various attacks, get through many obstacles and collect objects along the way. That's what makes the game interesting.

Things don't get any better at the end of a level. At this point, you have to take on the worst enemy in that level — the boss enemy. This boss is much larger and even more challenging than all the enemies in that level. The good thing is that you already have enough practice fighting other enemies - you should have improved your skills enough to take down the boss.

How To Win

Your main goal is to score as many points as possible by defeating enemies and collecting objects. Only take care not to deplete your avatar's health and lives from enemy attacks and obstacles (in case you run out of lives, the game is over). Although many games have countless levels, if you do finish the whole sequence of levels, you are the undisputed winner.

What To Expect In A Level

The easy part about a level is that it generally has similar enemies. The hard part is that it has a wide variety of challenges. If you are new to action games, you can learn through repeated trials, since the enemies and obstacles in each level usually don't change between play sessions. However, you need to watch out for enemies that can appear randomly. Such random appearances make the game even more captivating.

If you are in a level that requires exploration, get ready to search for the hidden exit. You should also be ready for a fight, since enemies will be gurading the exit. The good thing about such a level, is that you get a bonus or shortcut which allows you to access hidden levels or even jump several levels ahead. You can get these rewards by finding hard-to-reach or hidden objects and places that have valuable items.

Keep an eye out for the teleporter that will cause your avatar to disappear and re-appear in a different place within the same level. You might also have to find specific keys to open locked doors.

Watch Out — Tough Enemies!

If you thought that enemies simply follow a fixed, boring pattern of attack, you are completely mistaken. Watch out for the 'smart' enemies in new action games. These advanced enemies can use artificial intelligence to hunt down your avatar.

Although enemies generally appear in increasingly stronger waves, some enemies may instead appear out of thin air. Luckily, this unexpected appearances tend to involve a visible generator which you can destroy.

You should save your best effort for the last part of each level. This is when you face your biggest challenge — the boss enemy. The boss is larger and more difficult than regular enemies. This means that you must use a special attack method or weapon to overcome such an enemy.

Health And Lives Are Important

Although you need to get as many points as possible, you can only do so if your avatar's lives and health are not depleted. Your avatar will have a certain number of hitpoints or health to start with. This gets depleted when you suffer enemy attacks or other hazards in the game.

Fortunately, health in some action games can be replenished when you collect objects in the game. You can also earn extra lives in the game simply by reaching a particular score.

What If Your Avatar Dies?

If you run out of health, your avatar dies. At this point, you have the following options:

(i) You may be forced to restart the level, particularly with older versions of action games.

(ii)Newer versions can allow you to restart partway through the level. This is possible, since such versions would have checkpoints and saved games. Certainly, this is much less depressing than restarting at the very beginning.

(iii) Incredibly, some games will allow 'cloning 'or 'resurrection' with the chance to regain items lost upon death. This will only cost you a certain amount of in-game currency. Such cloning greatly increases the possibility of unlimited lives for players of action games.

The downside about restarting after death (apart from cloning) is that you will have fewer chances or lives. When you do start a new life, you are likely to have a few seconds of invincibility just to give you enough time to re-orient yourself. Otherwise, the shock of suddenly aettina back into a fast-oaced situation miaht leave

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